Corey Feldman talks Lost Boys 2: The Tribe

I think all I need to say is Lost Boys 2?? Who’s coming with me when this hits straight to DVD?? Don’t know anything about the movie, but this has to be the first time Corey Feldman and Corey Haim are back together again, not counting that lame cash grab show on A&E.

Shock Till You Drop caught up with Feldman at an Oscar Party.

Shock: What was it about this script that you thought was right?
I think that the tonality is on track. It’s got a sense of humor, the light-hearted tongue-in-cheek [feel] that the “Lost Boys” did so well, but also much scarier, much darker, much more gorier. I would say it’s the same movie, but on steroids for 2008.

Shock: Where does the sequel pick up the story from?
It takes place 20 years later as in real time and there’s going to be a comic book series from DC Comics that is going to give you the back story of everything that happened to our characters between the first one and the current one [details]. They’re also talking about a third. This could be a trilogy in the making.

Shock: As you know Corey Haim has had his share of difficulties in the last few years so how do you think he’s going to be in the film?
That’s a loaded question. Well, I guess is all I can say is – folks you’re going to have to watch the second season of “The Two Coreys” to get all of the answers. We’re not on the best of terms.

Shock: Why is that?
First of all, we have very different viewpoints of business and strategy and things like that. Politically we’re worlds apart. Spiritually we’re worlds apart. We’re really on two different levels and I think that’s what the second season is about.

Anyone else shed a tear at that last quote?? I don’t know if I’m prepared to live in a world where the two Coreys are worlds apart.

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