Crystal Skull Speculation rampant

In light of recent images surfacing of the actual Crystal Skulls that will appear in the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls, (just google it for all the deets) MTV sat down with noted Harvard archeology professor Marc Zender to discuss what those pesky skulls could actually mean.

“The dentition, vestigial nose orifice, massive eye cavities and dolichocephaly [or ‘long-headed-ness,’ to a layperson] put this thing into a very different class of entity,” Zender said, describing the “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” centerpiece. “It looks foreign ? really strange.”

“Definitely not human, no doubt about it,” Zender said of the skull’s structure, indicating that it obviously comes from an alien culture. “It’s got a mixture of the alien’s mouth from those movies with Sigourney Weaver [the ‘Alien’ series] and then really, really big eyes.”

Well, great but that doesn’t tell us what the point of it all is.? Besides anyone with an internet connection could figure out there’s going to be some connection to aliens in the fourth installment of the franchise.

What does it all mean, by god!

“Assuming that the filmmakers took their cue from some prevailing New Age beliefs,” Zender said, “these crystal skulls are supposed to be computer-like repositories for the lost knowledge of the ages. The idea that these things have the knowledge of lost civilization or space-faring cultures or anything like that in them, that’s pretty prominent.”

What is it that they say, the more you know or something.? So Indy has the all-powerful Ark, everlasting life from The Grail and now he knows everything because of the skulls.? Just doesn’t seem fair does it.? Though, it surely would make for a great pickup line at a bar.? You know besides the obvious, “Hello, I’m Indiana Jones.”

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