Did Michel Gondry steal the idea for “Be Kind Rewind?”

That’s a question that only Michel Gondry can answer, but I think with the video evidence below it’s a question that he should in fact have to answer.? In all likelihood, no he didn’t.? What probably happened is someone saw the below episode of The Amanda Show, thought it was a funny idea and passed it along to Gondry one night over drinks or something.? Gondry let it marinate into what the movie has become.

However, this story has some legs to it.? Perez is getting on his retarded child high horse and claiming that Gondry did in fact plagiarize (you’ll notice he’s serious by the use of multiple exclamation points) and on the other end Slashfilm is denying anything illicit happened.

No one outside of Gondry knows for sure though.? If I were Amanda Bynes, though, I’d be pretty pissed he didn’t cast me in the Jack Black, Mos Def flick.? It was the least he could do for her.

<sarcasm>The Dramz! (Perez’s word not ours)</sarcasm>

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