Dr. Horrible a crashing success

The LA Times has a follow up on the success of Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. We got to watch it early yesterday morning and found it rather charming.? Anyway, lots of people ended up wanting to watch it and Whedon didn’t have enough bandwidth to cover the amount of traffic the short generated.? Hopefully, before part two they address those issues.? ?The things that have hit on the Internet have almost all had that quality,? Whedon wrote to me. ?From ‘Star Wars’ kid, to ‘The Landlord,’ to 1,500 prisoners doing ‘Thriller.’ Not just the I-made-it-myself aesthetic, but the truly, transcendently goofy. The absurd (which is important to me, as an Absurdist) is part of the Internet?s identity.?? And Dr. Horrible is absurdly goofy and def. worth your time.

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