First five minutes of ‘Teeth’

I really love this new trend in Hollywood marketing, where in they show you the first five minutes of their most craptacular flicks for free.? We got The Golden Compass and Alien Versus Predator 2 recently.? Those flicks at least had a semblance of hope, but now we get Teeth.? We were kinda scared about it after seeing the first trailer.

Afterall, what’s more scary that a girl with teeth in her vagina?? Seriously.? Way cool concept for a horror movie, but still do we really have to go down this path?? Because once we do and the floodgates open then nothing is sacred.? Just ask Britney.

We don’t get anything enticing, which is supposedly the point of showing us the first five minutes.? If I don’t want to see it after this, how you gonna steal my $10 movie mogul man?

Teeth snaps its way into theaters on Jan. 18 in limited release.

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