Forget the minutemen it’s “Border Patrol”

Josh Greenbaum won the 2007 MTVu Award for Best Filmmaker on Campus for his short film “Border Patrol”. Three friends voluntarily guard our border against illegals. This is their story. Ah and it’s the old comedic switcheroo, full of border hijinks and shenanigans.

Say shenanigans one more time! Hey Farva what’s that restaurant you used to eat at? Super Troopers has nothing to do with Josh Greenbaum’s short film, but that was a funny movie. You can watch episodes over at Atom, but you might want to watch the trailer first and judge for yourself if it’s worth your time. Kinda hard to say, but I do love a certain racist, stereotype humor with a political bent.

And honestly, I sort of loath the use of Carmen Burana for comedic purposes. Not because it isn’t funny, but hasn’t it been done to a seventh circle of hell type of death? Calling it overused would be understated how often the song is used to be “funny.”

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