George Clooney is not the last movie star


Time has a fellating piece on George Clooney (with photos! and Oscar picks [which makes Tilda Swinton’s ascerbic acceptance speech that much funnier or stranger]), essentially calling him the last movie star.

Except they forgot about ALL the other movies stars that actually get nominated for awards and bring in box office numbers.? Will Smith, Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe spring immediately to mind.? Those four carry movies and get showered with criticial love.

Clooney seems like an amiable sort of guy.? Good to drink lemoncello with in Italy and he no doubt has that certain something – as evidenced by the reverential tones people talk about him in – but no one goes to see his movies.? That’s sort of the big thing this piece is missing.

Oh, and he was upstaged by Marky Mark in both The Perfect Storm and Three Kings, which are like two of Clooney’s biggest movies to date.? Freetime does a better job than I at analyzing this weird notion that Hollywood and the media keep pushing upon us, that George Clooney is the only movie star going.? The most striking point they make is that Clooney’s reputation rest entirely on the Ocean’s franchise, which let’s be honest he doesn’t carry himself.? When compared to Matt Damon’s Bourne franchise, it becomes clear that even someone like Matt Damon is a bigger movie star than Clooney.

Via: Kottke / Goldenfiddle

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