G.I. Joe adds two more actors

I’m not quite sure what to make of the G.I. Joe movie that is about to begins shooting.? First off, it seems that studio Paramount doesn’t really know what to do with the property.? They hired hack director Stephen Sommers, who given great material may actually be capable of delivering a fun and breezy movie, even if we haven’t seen it from him.? He’s not totally unredeemable like say Uwe Boll or Paul W.S. Anderson.

But then the script leaked and Hasbro had to issue press releases to reassure fans and whomever would listen that they went back to retool the script.? And then, if that was bad enough, it seems like they’ve assembled a lackluster cast.

First it was Sienna Miller, boo, but then Ray Park was cast as Snake Eyes, yay!? Then we got word that some other actors had been cast including Mr. Eko from Lost.? Today we got word that both Marlon Wayans, yikes, and Joseph Gorden-Levitt have been added to the cast.


Marlon Wayans has shown signs of brilliance in the past, but then again that was when he was working for Darren Aronofsky on Requiem for a Dream.? Wayans will play Ripcord.? Despite loving his performance in Aronofsky’s movie, Wayans hasn’t shown much since then, except his goofiness in lots of bad comedies.

Gordon-Levitt, a rising “serious” actor in indie films, is best known for his role on sitcom Third Rock from the Sun.? Seems like he’s cashing a major payday.? If being in this means he can pursue projects that excite him then by all means sellout friend.? No word yet on who Gordon-Levitt has been cast as. ? Seriously though, go rent Brick if you haven’t seen it.? JGL is the star and it’s absolutely a work of dynomite.


G.I. Joe is expected to hit theaters in August of 2009

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