Guillermo del Torro to direct both Hobbit movies

Consider this best case scenario.? There probably isn’t a director who can live up to the majesty of director Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings Trilogy.? However, I’d argue that if any director is bold enough to try, and certainly understands fantasy and storytelling and has visual flair, that director would be Guillermo del Torro.? He’s the director best known for Pan’s Labyrinth and even in certain circles moreso for Hellboy.? Jackson has picked del Torro to shepherd both of the Hobbit movies to the big screen.

I’ve been arguing with friends that del Torro should have been given a shot to direct just one of the Harry Potter movies, but this is even better news.? Peter Jackson and del Torro will be working on a script as soon as the writer’s strike ends.

All I want to know is what role will Doug Jones have in these films?? Cause he’s so damn good in everything del Torro puts on screen.

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