Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince International Trailer

Last time we got a new look at the upcoming (well pushed back until the summer) Harry Potter film it was all about Lord Voldemort.  This time around, we get a glimpse into the epic mission Harry and Dumbledore embark upon to eradicate the world from the evil wizard.

You’ve read the books and need little in the way in introduction for this trailer.  But I will say, that I’m enjoying how each movie has made the Harry Potter film-universe larger and more magically realistic.  This one looks fantastic, like nothing we’ve seen before from this series of films.  I like that it seems anchored in the “real” world even as it continues to push the fantasy aspect, it’s almost as if the movie is bulging at both poles. Anyway, bonus points to Harry for using his celebrity to score some chicks at Hogwarts.

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