HD-DVD has lost the non-existent format war

Even though Toshiba is trying to rally studios and especially consumers by making press release statements, ensuring anyone who will listen, that their HD-DVD format is still viable in light of the news that Warner Bros has embraced Sony’s rival Blu-Ray format the main question no one is asking is why does it even matter?

The answer is that ultimately it doesn’t matter which of these formats prevails in the long run. This is not like the format war between VHS and BETA that took place 30 years ago. Afterall, most consumers are fairly happy with regular’ole DVDs. And by the time the market for high definition televisions and movies is 100% saturated consumers won’t be watching their movies by renting them at a video store.

Within the decade, perhaps within the next five years, consumers will be downloading their movies from online video stores straight to their high definition hard drives and watching them directly. The only reasons that this current “format war” is supposedly taking place is because there are few viable options for consumers to transfer movies on their computers to watch them through the comfort of their television and home theatre setups.

Nobody enjoys watching movies on their computers and this simple reason is the only one that has necessitated a pointless second generation format war between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. Simply put, this is just another cash grab by greedy studios who don’t have the foresight to give consumers what they really want.

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