I Drink Your Milkshake on SNL

Had a reader pass this along. SNL returned last night with Tina Fey returning to host. And if this sketch is any indication it didn’t return with a bang.

Here we have Daniel Plainview hosting his own Food Network Show, I Drink Your Milkshake, wherein he travels around the country visiting different ice cream parlors and drinking people’s milkshakes. Sounds like a pretty obvious set up. You know, if you’re going to lampoon something that has become lampoonable, then why go for obvious?

But we take offense to this not funny sketch for several reasons. One, it’s just not funny. Using Daniel Plainview in a sketch has the potential to be incredibly funny and full of biting social commentary. Two, the guy playing Daniel Plainview does a pretty awful impersonation. It’s um, okay. Midling at best. Three, and this is hee-yuge, anyone who’s ever lived in Maine or visited Maine knows that there are no black people in the state. Next to Salt Lake City, it’s probably the white-est place on the Earth. Just saying.

Only moment of inspiration is when Tina Fey shows up as Juno. Even an appearance by Anton Chigurh can’t liven things up.

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