Incredible Hulk updates: Norton fighting on final cut?

We’ve been following Edward Norton’s new version of The Incredible Hulk for some time now and are sort of disconcerted that the film opens June 13, but there’s been absolutely zero in the way of marketing the film.? No trailer, no teaser trailer, scant images, no official set reports, zilch.

If this movie doesn’t screen for critics then you can be certain that Universal Studios doesn’t have high hopes for it.? Recently, Nikki Finke has learned that star Ed Norton, director Louis Letterier and producers from Marvel have been holed up fighting over the direction of the final cut.

Again, if these rumors are true, not good.

I’m told that’s because?Norton and Marvel are clashing over how to cut the pic.?Insiders say?Norton was “promised?tremendous involvement and access” after?Marvel invited him into the core team to rewrite Zak Penn’s script.?Says one insider, “There’s a lot of?posturing going on between Edward’s camp and Marvel over how you edit the final version.”?Sources also tell me that, starting last night and continuing at least throughout today, the actor will be holed up with Marvel?Studios chairman David Maisel, Marvel Studios president of production Kevin Feige, and director Louis Leterrier to try to “reach an amicable resolution” to this $150+ million film feud.

Some?insiders blame Marvel for not?accepting Norton’s POV about the movie.?”There’s a problem. Marvel won’t listen to?Norton about the cut,” one source claims.?Some blame Norton, known to be prickly. (Remember his problems with Paramount over The Italian Job and with director Tony Kaye over?American History X?) “Never let an actor write a script,” one insider commented. “Marvel made a mistake letting the?wolf into the hen house.”

Marvel is about 4-5 weeks away from locking the picture in for the June 13 release.? But this doesn’t bode well.? If Norton decides not to publicize a movie that isn’t being publicized from the studio this thing could come and go with a mere whisper.? But it certainly isn’t Norton’s fault, who yes, is supposed to be a prickly bitch sometimes.? If you are Universal Studios and you invest $150 million dollars into a movie then you have to have a game plan.

Even if that game plan is laying low for the big summer movies to shine brightly and then throw the kitchen sink at consumers a month or two before release.? That strategy could work.

Incredibly (sarcastic pun intended) so far this is the only thing we’ve seen from the film.? A teaser advertising the premiere of the trailer on MTV.

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