Interview with producers of “The Wolfman”


We’ve all seen the pictures of Benecio del Torro dressed up like the wolfman thanks to the magic of legendary makeup artists Rick Baker. Baker payed homage to Lon Cheney and really raised the bar for what could be a fantastic horror movie. del Torro, for his part, looks great. I love that they are using conventional makeup for this movie because it’s always evident that CGI just doesn’t cut it.

Real makeup versus CGI is the difference between Empire Strikes Back and Attack of the Clones or the difference between the atmospheres director Guillermo del Torro can create in such movies like Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy and the laughable quality to both of Marvel’s Hulk movies. There’s a certain believability to actual makeup.

Empire Magazine sat down with producer Scott Stuber to talk about many of these things for the upcoming Joe Johnston-directed movie.

How did you entice Benicio Del Toro to this? He?s not generally a blockbuster man.

Benicio?s a huge Wolfman fan. He?s kind of the origin of this thing. The Wolfman is one of his favourite movies of all time ? he?s got Wolfman memorabilia all over his house. He?s just someone who has a real passion for this. I think what?s great about the Wolfman is that he?s a complex character; he?s not just a guy who has a superpower and runs around with it. He?s a tortured soul. The ?superpower? of the Wolfman is damning to your soul, it?s not freeing. A superpower is usually something that sets you free, like letting you fly or giving you X-ray vision, and giving you something that people dream about. The Wolfman?s extreme power damns his soul. That?s a great complex character to play and that?s what gives Benicio a lot of opportunity to do different things as an actor.

What has he been filming so far?

We?ve seen some great stuff. We?re about three weeks into production and we?re currently doing night shoots on some of our killings. There have been some really fun sequences. It?s kind of early, but there?s some really terrific stuff with he and Emily and he and Anthony. Hugo Weaving plays a Scotland Yard detective who?s on his trail and there?s some great third act stuff with him getting ready to go find our man.

The interview delves into a lot of different material, such as Emily Mortimer’s role in the film, family issues between Benecio del Torro and Anthony Hopkins (who plays his father), Rick Baker’s genius and of course, the unexpected change in director from Mark Romanek to Joe Johnston.

One more caveat, Benecio del Torro, if it’s possible could be the most under appreciated actor in Hollywood.? He’s amazing in every movie he does and there isn’t much he can’t do as an actor.? His presence lends a certain gravitas to this movie that most actors just wouldn’t be able to.

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