LonelyGirl15 returns to the internet

jessicarose22.jpgI almost, sorta, kinda, just a tad bit feel sorry for actress Jessica Rose. She’s quite dashing, but no matter what movies or television roles she stars in something tells me she’s always going to be refered to as “that girl from LonelyGirl15” from now until eternity.

Also, starring in the Lindsay Lohan trashflick I Know Who Killed Me certainly won’t help. At all.

A shame really. She’s actually pretty good as Jen on ABC Family’s Greek. Which I can’t believe I just wrote that sentence. But it’s true. Regardless, Jessica Rose is set to star in another online serial called Blood Cell.

This series is produced by 60 Frames and the plot can be reduced to if her cellphone dies her friend dies. Sadly, I think that was the plot of the really craptastic flick with Kim Basinger a few years back. Hopefully, this will lead Rose towards more mainstream roles.

In five minute doses this could actually be pretty good.

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