Monday morning trailer roundup

So did everyone have a good weekend?? I spent it moving from one apartment to another and it’s enough to make me want to never move again.? So much so that I missed celebrating Record Store Day on Saturday (coulda played fooseball with Menomena) and 420 on Sunday.? Added to that I’m flying back to Boston for a wedding on Wednesday and this week is shaping up to be a disaster.? We’ll make due with the time we have.

How does that happen?? So rather than be bitter about it, lets get on with the new movie trailers that I’ve been soaking up and trying to figure out if the movie will be worth your $10.

Will Eisner’s The Spirit

Comic book god Frank Miller turns his attention to the directing chair for an adaptation of The Spirit.? The teaser poster was very cool looking and this one has the feel of Sin City.? I’m not sure if that’s going to be a detriment to the picture, but you’ve gotta hand it to Miller as this one oozes with style.? Also, hot ladies abound in this one from Eva Mendes to ScarJo.

Hamlet 2

Not even Steve Coogan could ruin this picture right?? Well, thankfully it does star Catherine Keener and Amy Poehler.? Coogan is a washed up actor who moves to Tuscan and puts on the most politically uncorrect version of Hamlet.? Looks like this one could be lots of fun and it did make big waves at Sundance.

The Wackness

Another festival favorite, starring a slimmed down Josh Peck (the fat one on Josh and Drake), Olivia Thirlby, Ben Kinglsy, Mary-Kate Olsen, Method Man and some other people.? Anyway, not sure why this was a festival favorite as this move looks retarded.? But I miss making mixtapes and the skill involved in pulling off a perfect one.? But I don’t really remember the summer of 1994 when the girls were fly and the drugs were illin’ so maybe that’s my fault.

The Babysitters

Good luck finding this flick in a theater, probably even pass by it at Blockbuster.? However, the movie is about a 16-year-old who turns her babysitting job into a prostitution ring.? She makes money for college, her girls get money for blinged out cellphones and um, the old guys in the neighborhood get to have sex with underage high school girls.? Yay capitalism!? Anyway, in many ways this reminds us of a sleazier version of Risky Business. ?

Lakeview Terrace

Sam Jackson and Patrick Wilson star as warring neighbors in this psychological thriller.? Jackson is a crazy cop who doesn’t like the yuppy interracial couple next store.? Of course things escalate and because this is American, Jackson probably takes in the end because sympathetic yuppies always win out over rogue LA police officers.

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