Moses has walked into the desert

charltonheston.jpgCharlton Heston, 84, died this morning with his wife by his side from Alzheimer’s Disease. Heston is being remembered by all sorts of people today, looking back on an actor who played such iconic roles in Planet of the Apes (twice!), Solyent Green, The Ten Commandments, Ben Hur, The Omega Man and Touch of Evil.

He starred in 126 movies over his lifetime. Unfortunately for some he will be remembered as the man who told the world “you can pry this gun from my cold dead fingers.” Yet, you can’t fault the man for sticking to his principles even if you don’t agree with the Second Amendment.

I don’t personally have an attachment to the actor or the man, can’t even say I’ve seen many of his movies. However, Easter weekend is always defined by checking in on his iconic performance as Moses. And furthermore, his passing is at once sad for his family, but something of a relief, I’m sure. Alzheimer’s is a terribly wretched disease.

Glen Kenny of Premiere Magazine says, “Between Apes, Omega and Soylent Green, Heston became to certain late-Baby-Boomers what John Wayne was to their dads. Only in those films Heston was the John Wayne of the dystopia?the inescapable dystopia. He was, then, a pre-adolescent’s first effective intimation of Sisyphus. Hence, my emotional attachment to the actor. (One that only strengthened after I met him and Leigh at a Premiere party celebrating the reconstruction of Touch of Evil back in 1996, at which he was unfailingly gracious and eager to talk movies.)”

He was and always will be a pimp. RIP Mr. Heston.

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