Movie Soundtrack Sampler

Vanity Fair’s Julian Sancton has compiled several clips from the best movie soundtrack’s this year.? It’s a pretty much who’s who of Hollywood composers.? Listening to each clip, is like trying to imagine a movie I haven’t seen yet, or even better reminiscing with an old friend I haven’t seen in ages.? The best movie scores have always acted as an additional character; a great score can affect the emotional resonance of a movie, more so than any visual ever can.? The films and their composers sampled in Sancton’s piece include, among others: Che (Alberto Iglesias), The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Alexandre Desplat), The Dark Knight (Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard), Defiance (Joshua Bell), Frost/Nixon (Hans Zimmer ), Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ( John Williams), The Reader (Nico Muhly), Slumdog Millionaire (A.R. Rahman) and WALL*E (Thomas Newman again).? [Vanity Fair]

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