New Hancock clip

Will Smith’s dysfunctional superhero movie Hancock has to be good right?? I’m not sure if I’m just trying to talk myself into the movie, but aside from Watchmen, we’ve long be overdue for a movie that pops the balloon of the “superhero” film.? Plus, I’ve long thought the most interesting aspect of “superheroes” are the peeps with powers who aren’t heroes at all.? The guys who are too apathetic or lazy to do anything, the ones who want to get drunk or use their x-ray vision to check out women (which yes only works if you want to see their bone structure but that’s important too and also seems way more witty when you’re 13).

Regardless, Will Smith stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres show yesterday and brought with him this clip.? It doesn’t reveal much, but it’s interesting that after getting a slew of movies about an uptight rich white guy learning how to “keep it real” or “live life” from a sassy black chick/dude, Hancock goes the opposite route and looks to be about how a dysfunctional black dude learns to tone it down from a smarmy white PR guy and eventually be accepted by white society.? In other words he learns to be less black and more white.

Ahhhh, racial stereotypes.? Glad to see Hollywood and society has come so far.

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