New Leatherheads one-sheet

Coming Soon got their grubby mitts all over the upcoming comedy Leatherheads.? We’ve got George Clooney and John Krasinski as two early 1920’s pro-football players and Renee Zellweger as a female sports writer.? The Clooney also did directing duties on the film, which opens April 4.

I’m not much a fan of the word zany, but this thing has zany written all over it.? It looks almost like a screwball comedy from the 50’s or something.? Even though I didn’t think much of the Coen Brother’s divorce comedy, Intolerable Cruelty, it really cementing just how solid Clooney’s comedy chops are.? He might not be underrated, but I think when it comes to comedy he certainly is underappreciated as his name is never in discussion of comedy actors.

Anyone who can make me laugh just by raising their eyebrows is a-okay in my book.? Poster after the jump.


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