New look at Hancock

It’s Will Smith’s big summer movie so that’s good and it’s being directed by Peter Berg, who’s always demonstrated a steady and promising, if somewhat unremarkable, hand with his films. In Hancock, we’ve got a superhero movie about a depressed, alcoholic superhero who can’t seem to really save people and sometimes let’s his anger harm other people. It’s being marketed as funny at first, but this new look makes it seem to be darkly comic (bordering on not funny) action flick.

Bipolar might be the word to desrcibe this film and since tone is such a huge factor in determining a summer movie’s success, we’re left wondering how this one is going to play to audiences. Do people really want to see a realistic portrayal of the superhero’s life? I mean this is certainly what my life would be like if I were a superhero, but who wants to see the Al Bundy of superhero movies, even if it does star Will Smith?

But if you want to know, this is the type of superhero movie I’ve been waiting to see for about five years now.? I’m gonna be there on opening day.

Hancock opens July 4 weekend.

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