New look at Wolverine and The Hulk

The leakage has been coming pretty fast from the set of X-Men Origins: Wolverine (still hate that title, very cumbersome) even though they are still just in the early phases of shooting.?

And despite the bloated cast of mutants running rampant throughout, we’re pretty sure if director Gavin Hood handles them deftly, then all will be okay.? Plus, Hugh Jackman owns as the character.?

You can’t tell much from the photo, but Jackman looks menacing as Wolvie.?

hugh jackman as wolverine

As for The Incredible Hulk, the picture below does little to change our minds that Universal is completely mishandling this movie.? It comes out in June and aside from a few production photos, like the one below, we don’t know anything about the flick.? We don’t even have a trailer yet!? It’s now coming up on March, three months shy of the movie’s release, and they’ve done absolutely zip on marketing.? What gives??

Director Louis Letterier does drop one decent nugget:

“We didn’t want to make a cerebral movie,” he says of comparisons to Ang Lee’s earlier film. “We wanted full action, Hulk smashing stuff up. But Ed Norton’s script has given Bruce’s story real gravitas ? Marvel has always made their superhero movies with great actors to make it tangible and Ed has nailed it here. Admittedly, I’m not the most adult director, but just because we’re making a superhero movie, it doesn’t just have to appeal to 13-year-old boys. Ed and I both see superheroes as the new Greek gods, so there’s a classical undercurrent to Bruce’s psycho-drama. It’s Prometheus, Pandora’s Box, Hercules…but with explosions!” That’s what we always felt was missing in the Greek myths.


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