New Muppet movie details emerge


Devin over at CHUD has wrangled some new details about Jason Segel’s (How I Met Your Mother, Forgetting Sarah Marshall) planned Muppet movie. Segel wants to create not some ironic-winking adaptation or one of those awful fantasy types of Muppet movies (In Space, Treasure Island, etc.), instead he wants to kick old school.

Apparently their Muppet film is going to be incredibly old fashioned, with the familiar Muppet characters putting on a show to save an old theater (the theater from The Muppet Show?). The danger? An evil character wants to tear the place down to get at the oil underneath. It’s sort of current!

Apparantly, their oil tycoon has never met Daniel Plainview and has never heard of drainage. Still, sounds like they are onto something by keeping it simple. Segel is writing the film, while Nick Stoller will direct. Jim Henson will provide the Muppets.

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