New The Incredible Hulk trailer

Finally, the shroud has been lifted from the mystery of Marvel’s The Incredible Hulk reboot/sequel. And from the looks of it, it’s a nicely cut trailer, but it doesn’t sell me on the picture. Sure, Ed Norton is a huge upgrade over Eric Bana, as Dr. Bruce Banner (in that he seems more like a dorky scientist capable or hulking out) but otherwise this doesn’t look all that great.

The Hulk is still a CGI mess and Tim Roth’s Abomination character doesn’t look any better. Universal and Marvel had better get their marketing team to ramp up incredibly. In some ways, I was holding out hope that the mystery was just that and that this movie would still be good. Now? It looks fun for sure, but it looks solidly in the Daredevil/Ghostrider level of quality.

The Incredible Hulk smashes its way into theaters on June 13.

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