New Trailer: Babylon A.D.

Allocine had dropped a new teaser trailer for the Vin Diesel sci-fi picture Babylon A.D. The film is directed by Mathieu Kassovitz, which doesn’t inspire confidence as he’s the man who’s given the world Gothika. As for his other movies, well, I haven’t seen any of them. They very well could be okay. This time around he’s created an original sci-fi work based upon a novel by Maurice Dantec.

Vin Diesel is the mercenary Thoorop, who is hired to smuggle a young woman from Russia into China. What he doesn’t know is that woman is host to an organism that a religious cult wants to use to create a genetically modified messiah.

Story is intriguing and the visuals look good. Here’s hoping we get a good sci-fi thriller.

And yeah, the clip is in French. Whatever. Babylon A.D. hits theaters on Aug. 29.

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