New Trailer: Choke

Choke finally gets a trailer courtesy of the Fox Searchlight, the studio that snatched up the rights to this film back at Sundance. The flick stars Sam Rockwell and is based upon the novel by Chuck Palahniuk.

The story follows a con artist (Rockwell) who pretends to gag at upscale restaurants so he can latch onto his Heimlich saviors and bleed them dry. He offsets this with working as a Colonial “re-enactor” to fund treatment for his mentally handicapped mom (Angelica Huston). In between, he finds time to immerse himself in therapy and unhealthy sexual relationships.

So you’re typical Palahniuk subject matter. Hopefully, Choke is marginally successful so that other Palahniuk books (cough Survivor, Lullabye, perhaps Invisible Monsters cough) make it onto the big screen.

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