New Trailer: College

There is almost nothing better than the weekend you go visit your older sibling at college for the first time.? It’s generally one of those, “holy shit I can’t believe that happened” type of weekends.? Even to this day I’ve had a few of those weekends that I glory days with my high school buddies about.

And because of that, I always tried to make sure college friends’s younger siblings had an equally as good/can’t quite remember time, even if that meant getting drunk and trying to make out with a friend’s younger sister or something.

Good times, good times.? And with a premise like that you would think the summer comedy flick, College would have a much funnier trailer.? But this just seems stupid and far fetched.? The trailer makes it seem like they are there for a month instead of a weekend.? Still, the MGM movie is R-rated, so there is hope.? Even if it is faint.? Probably end up watching this on DVD on when it rolls into the beer theaters.

College hits theaters on August 29th 2008.

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  • Scott April 23, 2008, 9:38 am

    Also, that nerdy looking kid just happens to be “Chicken Little” from American Idol two years ago. I hope he sings in the flick!