New Trailer: JCVD

I don’t care what anyone else says, as a guy if you grew up a child of the late 80’s/early 90’s then you had a man-crush on either Jean-Claude Van Damme or Steven Siegal.  Me?  I always preferred JCVD, The Muscles of Brussels if you would.  I mean how could you not?  He was the unexpected action hero, not unlike Stallone of Ah-huld, except he always looked like he was in on the joke.  Like he knew it was all showbiz first, acting coming in like fourth or fifth.  Plus, he kicked unholy amounts of ass.

But he’s been gone from our lives for a while now, relegated to C-movie status.  However, the rumors are churning that his latest flick JCVD is “actually a character drama about a down on his luck b-list action star who steps into a bad situation. It’s a movie about a guy who plays the hero on the big screen, but not in real life, and what happens when he is put in a situation which forces him to step up,” writes /Film’s Peter Sciretta. “The most surprising thing about JCVD is that it totally goes against every preconception you have about Jean-Claude Van Damme. You might even leave the theater talking about his performance.”

Not quite sure how to take that, but these types of comments have been bubbling under the surface ever since a French trailer for the film premiered.

Official Plot Synopsis: Being Jean-Claude Van Damme is tough. Sure, he is an internationally recognized celebrity (and possibly the world’s most famous Belgian), but this star seems to have fallen from grace with a recent history of direct-to-video flicks. But the “Muscles from Brussels” is back! In JCVD, Van Damme plays himself – with all his foibles in plain view – in this comeback story of a screen hero who has been on the receiving end of kicks that are getting harder and harder to take. Directed by Mabrouk El Mechri, JCVD is a rollicking action-comedy that explores the nature of fame.

JCVD will hit theaters on November 7th 2008.

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