New Trailer: Nothing But the Truth

Director Rod Lurie seems to be channeling Valerie Plame, Judith Miller and Robert Novak all in one big journalism-political fictional stew.  And I’m all for it.  The cast here looks sterling with Kate Beckinsale getting a meaty roll and a journalist who goes to jail rather than give up her source, Vera Farminga as an outed C.I.A. operative could be the potatoes and then everything is rounded out with the tasty additions of Alan Alda, Matt Dillon, David Schwimmer, Angela Bassett, Noah Wyle and Harry Lenix.

Having just seen David Gordon Green’s Snow Angels, it looks like Beckinsale is finally moving away from low-grade romantic comedies and schlocky vampire flicks.  And that is a great thing for film buffs.

Nothing But the Truth is both written and directed by Israeli filmmaker Rod Lurie, of The Contender and Resurrecting the Champ previously. The film first premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and is being distributed by Yari Film Group. Nothing But the Truth will arrive in very limited theaters starting on December 19th before expanding wider throughout January.

Mp3: The Decemberists – “Valerie Plame”

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