New Trailer: Passengers

For a movie that comes out this Friday, you would think today would not be the first day you discover a trailer for the film. But alas, that’s the case with Anne Hathaway’s latest suspense thriller Passengers.

The movie, despite its strong pedigree with actors like Patrick Wilson, Andre Baugher and David Morse should have more buzz surrounding it. Instead it looks like this movie will disappear rather quickly.

What has me intrigued to think this could be more than say, just a simple paycheck cash grab, is that it’s written and directed by Rodrigo Garcia.

Garcia is the son of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, yes the famed magical realism writer, but also an accomplished writer/director in his own right. He’s directed television episodes for HBO and a few decent movies no one has probably seen. Still, the trailer looks a bit ho-hum.

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