New Trailer: Role Models

The majority of people’s interest in this movie will stem from Paul Rudd, who at some point has to get his own leading man Judd Apatow vehicle right? Well, he’ll have to settle for a comedy directed by The State’s David Wain.

Wain has been pretty funny before in, obviously The State and then on the big screen with Wet Hot American Summer.

My interest in Role Models began with writer Tim Dowling. I used to live with his cousin for a while and so it’d be interesting to hear updates about his career in Hollywood. First we went to see Terminator 3 because Dowling had a small role as Paramedic Steve and when it was clear the acting thing wasn’t going to happen he shifted focus towards writing. Trust me on this one, but one day Dowling is going to be major. (Keep an eye out for the movie Outsourced a hilarious script that’s in production now, I think).

Anyway, the trailer does a great job of at least establishing what the movie is about: two guys who end up volunteering at a youth center rather than go to jail. Hopefully, the movie does well so we can get more scripts from Dowling.

Random fact: Dowling’s father and John Krasinski’s (Jim from The Office) father run a medical practice together in Newton, Mass. True story. Thought you should know this.

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