New Trailer: Spooner

This one is going to premiere at Slamdance, which is sorta what Sundance used to be before it got all glitzy and glamorous and used as a launching pad for Hollywood’s slate of “indie” movies. But anyways. Spooner stars Matthew Lilliard, who strikes me as a likable actor (SLC Punk anyone) that’s been pulled into the mucky muck by his friendship with Freddie Prinze Jr.

So Herman Spooner is living at home with his parents, unfulfilled with his car salesman job and sad that he just turned 30? His boss is putting the pressure on him to deliver some sales and his parents want him to move out, egats!? Thankfully, he meets Rose (Brick’s Nora Zehetner). She’s one of the manic pixie dream girls and of course she changes his life!? Plus? Shooter McGavin, guys!

Okay, this actually looks like it could be pretty good, mostly because of the cast. I’m surprised that Zehetner’s career didn’t take off after Brick in the same way that Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s did. She was excellent as that movie’s femme fatale. As for Lilliard, I think this is the kind of role that he should have taken five years ago, but perhaps disappearing for a few years and coming back in this type of movie will propel him to better roles down the line.

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