New trailer: The Dark Knight

This might be the last item we post about The Dark Knight until we actually see the movie and share our thoughts on it. But again, the movie is getting boffo reviews from the flood of early screenings. The buzz is this isn’t just a great Batman movie or comic book movie, but this is a great film. I’ve read one review that said this is the first mainstream movie to adequately deal with this country’s post 9/11 fears. And it’s from a writer I admire and not just some fanboy going apeshit.

Anyway, the new trailer is a Joker monologue cut with the usual scenes we’ve already been seeing. Oddly, it has something to do with Domino’s Pizza. The trailer premiered on their website.

That voice from Heath Ledger is just blood curling. Like finger nails on a chalk board, but in a scary good way.

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