New Trailer: The Princess and the Frog

When Pixar essentially went all in and took over Disney animation a few years ago, the exciting news was that John Lassiter was taking the reigns and wanted to bring back traditional 2-D animation in the vein of classic Disney movies. They wouldn’t be hand drawn, obvs, but just the promise of Disney returning to the roots they ceremoniously abandoned for the computer animation oil field was exciting.

The first such project is going to be The Princess and the Frog, a Broadway-style musical tale set in 1920’s Jazz Age New Orleans and featuring their first African-American character, Tiana. Tiana is a chambermaid much like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, who no doubt meets a Prince and lives happily ever after.

Cool, I can get down with that.

Looks like we might even get some stereotypical cajun anthropomorphic insects and music by Harry Conick Jr Randy Newman (ugh).

So yeah, Disney isn’t exactly bringing it their first time around. The thing is we need this movie to be a success if animation fans (that would be me) want to have mainstream animation movies to see on the big screen. I suppose that’s a rant for another day, however.

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