New Trailer: X-Files: I Want to Believe

One of the things that I loved about the television show The X-Files was that there were always two distinct story-telling elements at play. There was the overall mythology of the show (alien abductions and Cigarette Smoking Man blah blah blah) and then there was the suspense/thriller/horror story of the week type of show.

Not that I didn’t love the mythology of the show, but I lived for the stand alone episodes. I loved getting that visceral fright. Which is one of the reasons I’m glad the new X-Files movie is modeled after the stand alone episodes.

No one really knows anything about the movie (impressive in this day and age) so around these parts we’re just hoping for a great suspense/thriller/horror yarn. The big question is will this movie feel like it was a story worth telling on the big screen or will it, in the end, feel like an X-Files reunion show. Make us all happy and warm that Mulder and Scully are back together again on another adventure.

We’ll find out July 25.

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