New Trailers: “Chaos Theory” and “Deception”

Two April releases flying so far under the radar they might as well be a ground convoy (though if you’re flying under the radar doesn’t that mean you’d be more transparant? And hence, more visible? I think we might need a post on the origins of this saying because for the first time ever it makes no sense) are a Ryan Reynolds comedy Chaos Theory and a Hugh Jackman/Ewan McGregor thriller Deception.

First up is the Ryan Reynolds comedy. For a while now, it’s been common to attach the phrase “still waiting for that breakthrough role” to Reynolds. I’m beginning to think that he’ll never quite become an A-list star every assumes he will eventually become. But, he does have movie star looks, great comedic timing and some decent drama chops. Chaos Theory looks pretty funny, but far from the breakthrough role he has coming to him.

Reynolds stars as Frank Allen, a celebrated author of the bestseller The Five Minute Efficiency Trainer, who’s perfected the art of living via a foolproof system of timetables and index cards. In fact, his daily ?to do? lists are legendary. A man known for playing it safe, Frank doesn?t believe in spontaneity. Every choice he makes is deliberate??designed to contribute to a well-ordered, predictable life.? Of course, shit happens and spirals out of control – namely that he’s sterile and his best friend fathered his daughter.? Also starring are Emily Mortimer, Stuart Townsend and Sarah Chalke.

Chaos Theory opens in limited release this April.

So who wins in a fight, Wolverine or Obi-Won Kenobi?? There’s the abosolutely no buzzed-about thriller Deception starring Hugh Jackman as a sleezy lawyer and Ewan McGregor has a sheepish acountant.? Probably because the generic title is awful.? But the actors alone and the genre plot should be able to sell this.

Jackman pulls McGregor into the lurid life of a sex club and some sort of con.? The trailer is fairly effective.? Often times these thrillers are strictly hit or miss.? There’s enough in here to want to see the film but not a whole lot to judge whether or not it’ll be worth seeing.

Michelle Williams and Maggie Q also star.

Deception hits theaters on April 25.

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