New W tv spot seems … funny?

We see Dubya confess that God wants him to run for president and his mother just looks at him with shock, it seems Cheney has nothing but contempt for Dubya having to correct him on the pronunciation of “Guantanamo.” “W” appears to still be on track for its October 17 release date, though director Oliver Stone has admitted to still be editing the damn thing.

It looks intentionally funny and I wonder if that’s just a marketing ploy or if this thing is really going to be a devastating satire. And with a pre-election release is this movie going to fire up both the Republican base to vote McCain to spite Hollywood liberals and/or liberals who will realize again that we just let some dumbass from a WASPy family run the country into the ground for the past eight years. I think that’s what my interest in this project will be – if there will be any tangible affect on the election.

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