No new Dark Knight trailer until Sunday

Well, at least in high quality. Last night the viral marketing took fans on a scavenger hunt around various cities all to unlock the news that the new trailer will debut online this coming Sunday. Which means it’ll show in front of some movie this weekend. Iron Man perhaps? Seems unlikely, competing studios and all but we’ll wait and see.


Regardless, if you went on the scavenger hunt you were met with this image at Happy Trails. Not debuting a trailer for the people that participated in the scavenger hunt is a slap in the face to those dedicated fans out there.

Luckily the bootleg of the trailer, which played at New York’s Comic Con has made it online. The quality is awful, but the fan reaction is not!

It’s also popped up on YouTube if this video gets taken down check there.

Update: Seems that people who participated in this mayhem were treated to the trailer. Collider has a recount of the madness that took place in Los Angeles. Sounds like it was a fun, but chaotic time.

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