One Sheets: The Spirit and Hellboy II

Speaking of Frank Miller’s The Spirit, here’s the poster.? Pretty cool, no?? I do like the noir style that Miller helped create in Sin City and then using it again here.


And we adore everything that is Hellboy.? Whether it’s the comic book or the movies the character is just a wonderful creation.? The smarmy, insecure, petulant teenager who happens to be the child of evil while trying to do right in this world.? Kind of like all of us, in a way.? Is it too much to ask for someone to make Hellboy footies?? Complete with a tail, oversized hand, and hood with shaved horns on it?? That would bomb.

Also, poster artist Drew Struzan is pretty wonderful.? I don’t think he’s ever had a false note throughout his illustrious career.? This is no exception.


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