Paramount in talks to reboot Jack Ryan franchise

Paramount Studios is trying to get the Jack Ryan franchise back up off the ground after the ill-received Sum of All Fears (not great but did anyone honestly see the nuclear explosion coming?).? The last Jack Ryan movie starred Ben Affleck and the apex of his nadir, but the series will always be known for the two mid-90s movies starring Harrison Ford.

For our money though, the series began and ended with Alec Baldwin in The Hunt For Red October.? However, that could all change with the news that Moviehole is reporting.

According to their sources, Paramount is in discussions with actor Ryan Gosling to step into the Jack Ryan role and they are also courting director Fernando Meirelles to helm the new picture, referred to as By Any Means Necessary.

Hopefully the title will change, because that just sounds like an awful 80’s high school football movie, starring a pre-balding Anthony Edwards as an awkward quarterback that’s only playing football to live up to his dad’s expectations.? We digress.? Meirelles is an unconventional choice, but an intriguing one.? He’s directed the somber The Constant Gardner and the sobering City of God.? Currently, he’s directing Blindness. ?

Gosling seems a bit young to play Jack Ryan, but author Tom Clancy is involved with the movie studio.? It’s possible they are going for a Ryan just joining the CIA.

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  • Dale January 24, 2008, 11:22 pm

    Something I read regarding this movie made me wonder if it isn’t an adaptation of Without Remorse, which is not about Jack Ryan at all (though he does have a small cameo), but John Clark, Clancy’s gruffer, rougher, paramilitary snake eater type. I’ve read all the Clancy books, and for my money WR sits at the top of the pile right beside The Cardinal of the Kremlin.

    I guess it could be an original Ryan tale; Clancy hasn’t written a novel since ’03’s Teeth of the Tiger, and he has to have been up to something.