Pixar’s “Presto”

Something that no one seems to be mentioning in regards to the shower of love Wall-E has received, which in many ways was warranted and in many other ways seems slightly overblown, is that the Pixar short that played in front of the animated classic was also top notch. Presto was also the best short film that Pixar has produced.

There is no debating this.

The short’s obvious comparison point is the wacky Looney Tunes of yesteryear, where the clever animal manages to upstage the vial human after much back and forth. In Presto we have an elegant magician and his wascally wabbit attempting to outbid one another. The rabbit wants a carrot because he is hungry and the magician justs wants to finish his performance in one piece.

That’s it. That’s the entire premise and it works because the story telling has a clearly defined protagonist, antagonist and dramatic heave that drives the entire plot, with each act to secure the carrot upping the ante. A finger stuck in a mouse trap, an egg splattered face, then an electrocution, and finally a dangerous high wire showdown. There are other bits in between.

Suffice it to say, I enjoyed Presto a lot more than I did Wall-E, simply because this is one of the better screwball comedy bits that has come down the pipe in quite sometime. Pixar has truly outdone themselves on both accounts, just another example of them raising the bar and then clearing it with ease.

At some point they have to crash back to reality, right? Would you want to be the director or animator who delivers the turd? Talk about pressure.

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