Quantum of Solace teaser poster

My first thought in seeing this poster was that it was fake, but it seems that Moviephone got their hands on this “exclusive” new poster for the upcoming Jimmy Bond flick. I’m not sure what to think. It looks cool, in an amateur photoshop kinda way. As for a Bond poster, however, I guess I just want something a little more cooler. A little more retro, something with a little funk in it’s step.

What I don’t want is something my 14-year-old cousin could make with Adobe. Such is life however. The reason we thought it was fake? Well rather than have the official title, Quantum of Solace, on it, there’s just James’s shadow and the iconic logo for 007. Bond’s signature call sign was the rumored titled a few months ago. Via: AICN


After the jump there’s some “exlcusive” behind the scenes video of the movie, with director Marc Forster and star Daniel Craig.


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