Red Cliff Cannes promo reel

Director John Woo has wrapped up the most expensive Chinese-language film ever. Red Cliff has been kicking around for sometime now, and was originally supposed to star Chow Yun Fat (who dropped out to star in Dragonball) but now stars the awesome Tony Leung and Takeshi Kaneshiro.

Woo hasn’t made a flick since 2003’s Paycheck and this promo reel shows a slightly different side of him. It’s great to see him take some time off and recharge his batteries. Hopefully, there won’t be any double guns blasting or pigeons in sight.

The flick, an epic two piece war film, is based on the events prior to the Three Kingdoms period of Ancient Chinese history. The Battle of Red Cliffs was a decisive battle taking place in the northern winter of 208 AD between the allied forces of southern warlords Liu Bei and Sun Quan and the numerically superior forces of northern warlord Cao Cao.

The victory by Bi and Quan gave them control over the Yangtze Province and was the basis for the creation of the two Southern Kingdoms.

Obviously, Chow Yun Fat should commit the subtle art of sepuku for dropping out of this movie to star in Dragonball

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