Review: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls

After waiting almost two decades, it’s hard to believe that what everybody went to go see was the best that Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg and Co. could do.? Truth be told, this one doesn’t even hold a candle to any of the previous three and makes Temple of Doom look that much better.? However, this is coming from a guy who thinks Temple of Doom is the second best and offers giddy pleasures in a way vastly different but equal to Raiders.

With that said, though, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull just comes off as a hack job.? There are bits that work (is there a better action director than Spielberg?) and silly bits that take you out of the movie (yeah I’m looking at you George of the Jungle sequence) and more insect scares (holy shit those giant ants frightened the hell out of me) and moments that left me crying like a little girl (those first two or three scenes with Marion Ravenwood).

But it’s hard to take the movie serious when Indy is actually surprised by shit, ya know?? This is a guy, who is not only immortal after drinking from the Holy Grail (which helps explain him surviving an atomic blast in a refrigerator!), but he’s seen more crazy shit in his lifetime that by the time this adventure rolls around I almost expect him to be utterly detached, blase to the point of being apathetic.

Regardless, it didn’t pervert my childhood (yeah I’m looking at you George Lucas) so it has that going for it.? And still, with all the crazy stuff Indy has been through, I’m drawing a line at aliens and spaceships.

Oh and Shia LaBeouf didn’t ruin the movie, so let’s not start calling him Jar Jar Binks.

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  • Lisa Keymer July 11, 2008, 5:08 pm

    Why don’t you all just shut up. This movie rocked more trhan Last Crusade. Maybe it’s down to the fact that you’re old and decrepid now and lost your imaginations years ago. You will never be impressed by another Indiana Jones film if you ddidn’t like this. It’s not going to happen. Face it and get onm with your sorry little pathetic lives. Oh, and if yiou all think you know how tomake a better film then why don’t you go out there are do it? Idiots.

  • Ace May 28, 2008, 8:39 am

    Just awful. I laughed out loud at parts that weren’t intentional comedy. I couldn’t believe Lucas, Spielberg and Ford all signed off on this nonsense. I think my biggest problem with it was the fact that there was basically no mystery-solving — they just follow the old guy! He’s done this before! He knows the way! Dude, I can do that.