Review: Smart People

Proving once and for all that self-absorbed members of the intelligensia don’t make for interesting movie subjects (see: The Squid and the Whale).? Here we get Dennis Quaid as a miserable college professor, who pretty much stays a miserable misanthrope, socially retarded widower, who doesn’t change or grow until the final credits dictates he has to.? Not even Ellen Page, as his also miserable too smart daughter yet quick witted!, or Thomas Hayden Church as the not smart hang loose adopted brother-in-law can save this movie.? Well, Page and Church try hard and their chemistry is the most interesting aspect of this misfire of a film.

Word to the marketing staff – if a movie isn’t funny and doesn’t try to be, don’t sell this to me as some sort of Juno, Little Miss Sunshine, this year’s quirky indie comedy.

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