RIP: Don LaFontaine

Though you might not recognize his name, you certainly would recognize the voice of Don LaFontaine.? The man who makes everything exciting, the man who has provided his voice to more than 5,000 trailers and 350,000 commercials.

Yes, Don LaFontaine is best known as “the movie voiceover guy” but also as the man who coined the phrase “In a world…” but that’s probably not the best thing to put in an obituary.? He died of complications from pneumothorax yesterday at the age of 68.?

LaFontaine most recently spoofed his own image for Geico, perhaps lending himself the most notoriety of his career. It is said he would record about 60 promotions in a week, sometimes as many as 35 in one day. The guy was a beast, the highest compliment I could give someone.

His deep and thrilling voice and particular diction could make any crap movie seem important and the good ones seem legendary.? His voice was one of the reasons to watch and love trailers in the first place.? Not surprisingly, he narrated a video about his own biography.

Aint It Cool has rounded up a nice sampling of his work. He will be missed. [via]

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