RIP: Rudy Ray Moore

The influential comedian and all-around badass died yesterday at the age of 81 due to complications from diabetes.

“Moore starred in dozens of films but is best known for 1975’s “Dolemite,” a low-budget mix of kung fu and bawdy humor that he wrote, produced and starred in as the titular wisecracking pimp,” wrote MTV News. “The film was a huge hit, spawned many knockoffs (not to mention a few sequels of its own) and was declared — many years later, of course — to be “the ‘Citizen Kane’ of blaxploitation films” by The New York Times.”

I remember renting Dolemite one year in college, probably cause I was drunk and thought the cover of the movie was humorous, but it’s easily on par with Superfly and Shaft. Just an all-around great movie.

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