Sacha Baron Cohen and Will Ferrell teaming up as Sherlock Holmes and Watson

Variety has a story this morning that producer Judd Apatow and screenwriter Etan Thomas (Tropic Thunder) are teaming up for their take on the Baker Street detective.

Baron Cohen will play the good detective and Will Ferrell will be his sidekick Watson.? The two comedians teamed up as competing race car drivers in Talladega Nights, and for those that saw the movie Baron Cohen was one of the best things about it.? His effeminate French driver was spot on, in that stereotypical “How Americans view the French” sort of way.

[Random Aside: Anyone remember the Will Ferrell movie Dick?? He played Woodward or Bernstein and Michelle Williams and Kristen Dunst were White House dog walkers who were Deep Throat.? Actually kinda funny and worth seeing for free.]

The picture is set up at Sony and there is no indication how this will affect Guy Ritchie’s serious adaptation of Sherlock Holmes that is set up at Warner Bros.? Also, now that Madonna is having sex with A-Rod, is it possible that once Ritchie and her divorce that he’ll regain his movie-making mojo?

Something else to ponder: which sounds like the better Sherlock Holmes project – comedy or drama?

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