Senator loves Batman more than you

Vermont’s senior Senator Patrick Leahy was so enamored with Batman as a child, that he’s turned his love into a mini side-career.? The 68-year-old six-term senator has gone from a non-speaking role in 1997’s Batman and Robin, writing introductions for various comic serials, voice work in animated renditions of the character, to a full-blown speaking role in The Dark Knight.

?We tried it two different ways ? one was authoritative, the other one was with a lot of fear in my voice,? Mr. Leahy said, of his speaking role.? His scene is one where he confronts Heath Ledger’s Joker at a fancy dinner.

The senator donates all of his Batman proceeds to the children?s wing of the Kellogg-Hubbard Library in Montpelier.

Batman became his favorite superhero because ?he has no superpowers,? Mr. Leahy said. ?He had to use his own brains and his own knowledge. He could have had an entirely different life. As a billionaire, he could have done anything.?

You can watch the scene here.? Sen. Leahy is at the end, the one who stands up and says, “We’re not intimidated by thugs.”

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