Sex and the City – trailer

Oh, I’ll admit it.? I don’t hate Sex and the City.? Having seen enough episodes, there’s a lot that I don’t like about the show, but there’s certainly enough that I find enjoyable.? And after all these years, it’s still the only “young professional women in NYC looking for love” that doesn’t feel the least bit contrived.? That’s saying something.

So with this new trailer for the upcoming movie it looks more of the same.? Samantha slutty it up, Carrie being all wishy washy, Miranda with the deadpan humor and Charlotte is a mom.? Which is to say that the runaway marriage plot line will be difficult to pull off, without feeling contrived.

Oh yeah, plus there’s Jennifer Hudson and she was on American Idol, so she has that going for her.? Hard to believe she won an Oscar last year.

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